Makasih ya, dok!

I thank you, because you remind me how it feels to be treated differently, in a good way..to be treated nicely and in flattering way. Maybe it’s just a small gesture, maybe it’s me who are delusional, but anyhow, it makes me smile. And in this depressing times, a smile is like a drop of water in a dessert.

Now I know for sure that I need to fall in love again, I need to feel loved again. I don’t think I could survive any longer in this marathon with by myself only.

I need someone who bothers asking me, “how was your day today?”

I need someone who bothers worrying about me, asking me, “Are you okay?”

I need someone who doesn’t mind to listen to my blabbering about my day.

It’s exhausting to run alone.

It’s exhausting to be always look just fine, pretending tough like a rock.