Didn’t you learn?

I know that now I feel upset. That’s why I feel so crappy, so cranky, and so grumpy.

I was happy, last week. Then I got upset.

I was happy, because finally I know that I can fall for another guy (finally!)

My heart was not that cold.

But then I was sad, and upset because I realized that I’ve wasted my 4-years back to think about wrong person. So much stupid tears.

I was happy, because I thought there’s hope.

But then again, I think I hope too much, expect too much, I let down my guard too much.

And it crushed me that maybe things never work the way I hope.

I guess lack of sleep really clouded my judgement.

I like him.

And maybe there’s only 10% chance that he even recognizes me.

Oh, Tha, didn’t you learn?