Should I let him know?

I know that I’m not responsible for what others’ feelings.

It is not my burden for whatever they feel towards me.

But it doesn’t mean that I could do whatever I want regardless their feelings.

If you miss him, just say so. Tell him. Do not overthink. If he misses you, too, the he’ll know that his feeling is resiprocal, and your question will be answered respectively.

It’s easy right, to say those words to other people?

But in my opinion, we should always take precaution and consideration towards what other people might feels towards our actions.

Isn’t it one of principal in communication?

Every action comes with consequences.

The question is:

Are you ready with whatever might come with your actions?



The perks being receptive person

Here’s one thing that people should know about me: I’m a very receptive person. I guess I’m mastering the art of reading other people’s gestures, verbal and non-verbal.
So, unless you are a great liar, do not mock me by lying to me. I’ll know.
Many times, I overlooked someone’s minor lie, just because I didn’t want to make them uncomfortable. But too many times, I was disappointed in silence when I knew other people lied straight to my face.
Since I’m a phlegmatic person, there comes a major problem: I often hesitate to confront the lies and demand the truth. It seems like I choose to believe truly based on my judgement. That’s not quite a fair share, I know.


Am I wrong?

I’m not the one who will immediately raise my hand, and say yes, whenever being in a new group of strangers and being asked questions like, “do you wanna be person-in-charge of this affair?”.
I’m not.
I’m the one who prefer to sit back for a a while, observing how people react, how the group dynamic goes on.
Is that wrong?
Am I wrong?

Because I learn too many times that being too impulsive bring more harms than any good.


“Kamu mau ikutan lompat ke jurang juga?”

Ada satu value yang gue dapatkan dari nyokap, dan gue mendapatkannya saat masih kelas 6 SD.
Jadi ceritanya, dulu gue les bahasa Inggris, berdua sama temen gue, sebuat saja si A.
Suatu hari, si A ini gak bisa pergi les karena ada acara keluarga kalo gak salah. Terus gue jadi agak males karna gak ada temen berangkat. Terus gue bilang ke nyokap: “Ma, aku gak les ya hari ini, si A gak les soalnya.. ”

Tau apa jawaban nyokap gue kepada anak berusia 10 tahun?

“Terus, kalo temen kamu loncat ke jurang, kamu juga mau ikut loncat ke jurang?”

Damn. My mom is indeed a badass!
Sejak itu, gue gak pernah make alesan trivial ala komunal untuk mengahalangi gue melakukan hal-hal penting dan berguna buat diri gue.

And now the question is: are you ready to ignore that facts, Tha? That a number of people that are avoided by most people in your class, have possibility become your colleague for your 4-ish year of your next study?
Are you ready to take a leap of faith?


I have nothing

I guess I’m afraid to let you go because no matter how painful and absurd our story was, you are something, you were something, that I could hold on to, the place that I could visit whenever I wandered.

By the time I let you go, I would have nothing.

And now I realize that maybe having nothing is okay. It’s not that bad. With having nothing, I can ready myself to have something else new.