It takes twenty-two to play football

For a few past months, I’ve changed.
I’ve been raised my threshold of feeling anything.
When something happened, something that should have made me angry, or disappointed, or sad, rather be it, I choose to inhale deeply, and laugh it off in my mind.
I’m just tired. Tired for letting my mind, my heart, and my body experiencing on-and-off that spike of emotions. Exhausting.
Of course, there will be consequences. There is by-product.
I cry more. Much more. That’s when all the emotions burst out.
Oh, and I choose to ignore those things, let it go. If the snowball’s rolling to the deepest pit, so be it. I’m so done overthinking of anyone else’s business. I’m done putting them all together, when they are themselves giving up.
It takes two to tango, and alas, it takes twenty two to play football. I won’t do a whole team’s job all by myself.
I’ll play only my role. If you all are that tired to play your role, let it burn and crash. Let’s see how we survive till the end.