Priority #1

Always put yourself as a priority number 1, at least set your state of mind like that. Because, at the end of the day, people will always let you down, in any kind of way, things will fall out of the line. So, be ready for anything. Be ready for being upset, be ready for being disappointed. Be prepared like a doctor who’s prepared for any emergency at ER. Be ready for any algorithm that might be chosen. Always have back-up plan. Be master at controlling your emotion. So you wouldn’t waste any energy to be in rage, to be sad. Just live it up. Do what you like. Never apologize for doing something good for yourself.

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Sometimes, I think that a part of me is afraid to be loved, not wanting to be loved at all.
This must be some sickness, right?


Empty words

Once upon a time, he made her believe that she’s finally destined to be loved.
He made her believe that finally someone sees her as a very special one.
He made her feels beyond happiness.
Then he told her, those were just lies.
Empty words.
So, you tell her, how’s she supposed to ever believe again?


So, yesterday, she was very upset about something. I was trying to brighten up her mood, and there it went this conversation:
Me: Do you want to go to Dufan?

Her: What? Dufan? Like, right now? It’s already 3 PM. What are we gonna do there, it’ll only just couple hours before it’s closing. And do you know how much the ticket costs now? A quarter million! No way I’m spending such money for this abrupt plan. (Still sounds very upset, and plus annoyed, for it matters)

Me: Well..you’re being all upset now, and I know you love theme park so much, so I guess, there’s nothing wrong if we’d spend time there…

Her: You know what, if you want to brighten my mood up, and are willing to spend that amount of money, let’s just spend it on all-you-can-eat food galore?

Me: *smiling widely*
Me (saying in my mind): God, how could I not love this girl so much…