Over 25 years living together, yet still failed to communicate to each other.
This sucks, man, really..



“If travelling was free, you would not see me again”

I read it somewhere.

And it’s true.

I don’t have money, so I travel with my own way.
I read so many books.
I watch many movies and countless episodes of TV show.
I travel with my mind.
Somehow, I find a sanctuary there.


(Pathetic) Happy Ied

After 5 days, finally, all hell broke loose.
Since 5 days ago, I’d been numbing myself, trying not to show my anger, trying not to cry. So it was logical that the outcome was that I felt dull on the days that should be celebrated. Please forgive me, God.
I just can’t feel what happines is.
The laugh, smile, and joy that I felt with my friends earlier was indeed the pay in advance. After that, I just got bankrupt.
Please forgive me, Ya Allah. I think I just failed Your Test.


Kangen di-PDKT-in

Ternyata kangen juga di-PDKT-in sama orang..
It’s been so long…
Now I’m bored..
Am I boring?
Gosh, my past time was so much more fun than this present time…


Happy Eid Mubarok!

Dulu sering banget nyeletuk tentang ‘jinx’: “kalo abis ketawa-tawa ngakak bin hepi gitu, pasti biasanya akan ada hal yang sedih-sedih abis itu, malah bisa-bisa jadi nangis..”

Sekarang gue tau, ternyata hal yang terjadi itu kebalikannya..
Gimana kalo ternyata sebenernya kita itu ya diberi hiburan  di awal biar gak terlalu sedih ketika hal sedih itu terjadi..

Jadi bukan karena kita hepi-hepi trus abis itu jadi sedih, tapi biar kita gak terlalu sedih, we were given a happiness in advance..

Selamat merayakan Idul Fitri!
Be strong, eventually no storm we couldn’t get through!